Planning and Design co-working spaces

The 'co-work space' product should provide an economic, social and professional solution for the tenants ('clients') .
understanding this, is more than half of the way to your good business plan and our appropriate design.
Work spaces can be characterized by permanent and long-term tenants or short-term to hourly tenants.
Each type requests different planning (array and systems) and design (not to mention a totally different marketing)
For example, if we wish for permanent and long-term tenants, we must be attractive to the different types of them  and for as long as possible (otherwise, we have to look for new customers every day and marketing costs and sales time will exceed the level of revenue).
 It is therefore recommended to hire a planner who knows the nature of the activity and the meanings of it over time and under the guiding interests.
When to start during the year? 
If we were to ask you when is the best time to open a neighborhood ice-cream shop, you would intuitively know to answer - on summer time (when the climate is relatively hot).
  Although winter will come eventually, if we open at the beginning of the cold season we will probably 'absorb' the operating costs with almost no income, capital will dwindle, depression will rise, customers on the street will see that it is pretty empty and our business will have an unflattering prestige. 
Most non-retail small businesses will 'enjoy' tight cash flow in a given season. This is the exact period for planning and construction, so that its opening will be have good and long starting point.

Did anyone say 'corona'?

Rumor has it that someone ate a bat / mixed molecules in a lab of G5-something, and created... uncertainty.

But, in the co-working spaces field under our 'module method' (that keeps prove itself and we constantly improve), there is a big potential. we know it,

for we own one ourselves.

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