project: Pokeshope Yarkon              
size: 76 sq.m
hight: 796 cm  (reduced to 430 cm for air conditioning managing)
new ceiling engineering: upside down suspended ceiling (to eliminate the need in columns)
budget: 700,000 Nis
goal: under cost-effective planning to combine the customer's desires with our skills and experience,
        to plan & design a midday-lunch break-restaurant.
planning duration: 3 weeks (floor plans)+ 1 (detailed carpentry plans)  
opening: June 2020

restaurant planning & design case study

A Hawaiian kitchen style restaurant with a commercial facade facing Bnei Brak's main business street.

complete plans set

Construction, Plumbing, Array, Flooring, Ceiling, Electricity, Lighting, walls decoration, air conditioning, cuts, views...

carpentry & welding 

detailed plans from scratch 

to meet the concept under long-lasting high abrasion use by workers and clients 


interior illustration for better understanding the drafted array options